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10 Skills Every Person Should Learn

10 Skills every person should learn in their lifetime. Many of these skills may not seem useful until you need them, but when you need these skills, they will be invaluable to have on hand. These skills will range from easy to expert. Every skill listed below is learnable by anyone. A few may require you to seek a person trained to teach you. 

Skill #1 – Cooking

Now I know this may seem like something everyone knows how to do, but you would be surprised how many people can not prepare a simple meal. FYI, the Microwave is NOT a cooking device. The ability to cook a quality meal using the stove/oven or even a campfire is an essential skill to have in your arsenal. Also, prepared meals tend to be a healthier option.

Skill #2 – Making Fire

I figure since we just touched on cooking, making fire would be a perfect segway. There are many methods in which one can make a fire, and the ability to make one without a fuel source or fire element like a Bic lighter is essential. The first way which I highly recommend learning is using a Ferro rod and tinder. A Ferro rod or Ferrocerium rod is a synthetic alloy that can reach temperatures of 3000C when struck. Combined with a synthetic or natural tinder, you are sure to get a roaring fire started with one of these.

Another method is the good-ole flint and tinder. Similar to the Ferro rod, the flint creates a spark that then ignites the tinder. Lastly, bow and tendril are one of those tried and true methods that have and will always be around. This method requires a little bit more work and training but can be found anywhere and used to make a fire. 

14 Ways to Start a Fire (No Matches or Lighter)

Skill #3 – Knots / Knot Tying

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Learn to tie knots; All kinds of knots. Knots are infinitely useful skills, whether tying a boat to a dock or pitching a makeshift shelter. 

Here is a great video showing some useful knots. – 8 Knots You Need to Know

Skill #4 – Building/Repairs

The ability to build or repair things in and around the house is another invaluable skill to have. Many people can’t do something as simple as replacing a sink faucet or toilet fill valve. Both projects require a few tools and are very easy to do. With the plethora of online resources, this is one skill that you shouldn’t skimp on or ignore. You may want to build a shed or a chicken coop; it is much cheaper to build yourself than hire someone to build for you.

Skill #5 – Self-Defense

Now, this is not an ordered list, and if it were self-defense would be much higher on the list, but it isn’t, so here we are. Self-defense is probably one of the most important skills any person can have. Many people don’t like to think about bad things happening, but the ability to protect yourself and your family is one skill that should be at the forefront. Self-defense could be something as simple as spatial and situational awareness, to owning a firearm.

Martial arts, specifically non-sport martial arts, are a great choice if you are looking to improve your hand-to-hand combat. This skill is great if you are someone who doesn’t want to rely on weapons, or your environment does not allow you to carry a weapon. The one commonality to what you choose is practice, practice, practice. 

Skill #6 – Water Purification

Water is the life-blood of humankind. We, the human race, cannot survive without water, which makes the ability to get and purify water such an important skill. There are quite a few ways in which a person can purify water. The simplest is boiling the water. Water must be boiled for one min at a rolling boil to be purified, three minutes at altitudes above 6500ft.

Another method is using liquid bleach. For this method, you will need to let the water sit for at least one hour before consuming it. Also, this will not remove any chemical pollutants from the water. The standard mix is a quarter teaspoon per 1 gallon of water.

The last method(s) are purification tablets and filters. Now, filters you purchase through the store should be a five-layer filter to make sure you are removing the most amount of contaminants, but they also take the longest to filter through. Filters also have a finite number of uses. Water purification tablets are one-time use and take time to purify the water. Time obviously will vary based on the amount of water to be filtered. Tablets are a solid choice because they can travel with you and don’t take up much space or weight.

Skill #7 – Offensive/Defensive Driving

I am sure many people will be like, but I drive every day I already know how to do this. That is where you would be wrong. Offensive and Defensive driving are very particular skills the majority of people will never learn, nor need. I won’t dig too deep into these, but both have their purposes, and there are driving schools that teach both. 

Skill #8 – Hunting/Skinning 

Now this one may be slightly controversial to some. But the ability to harvest your food and process the animal for things such as mittens and moccasins is a skill that seems irrelevant but is invaluable. 

Skill #9 – Gardening

Ok, don’t laugh at this one because gardening is just an encompassing term for all things growing. Specifically, learning how to plant and grow a variety of plants and crops. The ability to be self-sufficient is an important skill to have. This particular skill goes hand in hand with hunting also. The ability to grow your food could mean the difference between life and death if the need should ever arise. 

Skill #10 – Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is simply the ability to be aware of your surroundings and the situations that may arise. Extremely important to helping avoid putting yourself or others in a scenario that may not be conducive to your health.

Jeff Coopers 4 Levels of Situational Awareness

Lastly, I would like to mention an honorable mention skill that may not seem like a skill to many people. That is the ability to unwind or destress. Many people find this to be a difficult task to accomplish. And if you can perfect this, you will find your life to be much happier and more fulfilled. 

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