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‘Shred and Flow’: BFGoodrich Rallies Support for MTB Community

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Finding confidence, sharing stoke in riding with other women: That’s the essence of this women-starred BFG, MTB film.

This short film, supported by BFGoodrich, is about two female mountain bike riders and their perspectives on women breaking into, growing, and defining their roles in the MTB community.

It digs into the nuance, fun, challenges, and opportunities for women in the sport. And, what the sport means to these two riders.

“It’s infectious,” said one rider, Sarah “Eddie” Edwards. “It keeps you wanting to come back for more.”

”I started riding with Eddie, and I remember that was actually the first time I was riding with women,” recalled her MTB partner in crime, Robin Vieira. Finding a trail partner who can push you is hard enough; for women in the MTB community, it can be even harder.

The two women walk us through each other’s mindsets, styles, and personalities — on and off the bike.

Riders: Robin Vieira and Sarah Edwards

Run time: 6 minutes

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