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Our Story

Foxfire Armory

Your one stop source for all things outdoors related content, products, and services.

our story

Our story is simple. We are a small independent company dedicated to the outdoors and shooting sports communities. Our goal is to provide quality content, service, and products to all those out there who enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, shooting, trapping, and all general outdoors activities. We are a group of outdoorsman for outdoorsman.

Our name is a nod to those who fought in the fox holes of WWII, along with the concept of fairy fire; also know as foxfire. A common misconception is the idea that an armory is just for guns, but the truth is an armory is a term for where you keep your arsenal. 

In our eyes our “armory” contains everything we feel necessary to get out and do what we love at any given place or time. We hope to be your add-on armory for information, products, and services.

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“A person who spends a lot of time outdoors or doing outdoor activities.”


“A collection of resources”

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OUR Staff

Currently our staff consists of just one person, but our goal is to grow this group into an organization that can help employee and give back to the outdoors communities.

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