Carrying Concealed Q & A

Carrying Concealed Q & A

I have gotten a lot of questions from people on both sides of the spectrum since I started carrying concealed. I am going to run through a few of those questions and answer from the perspective of someone who is non-military, non-law enforcement, and who is not required to carry for their job. Now, this article is not here to convince you to carry or even own a gun. This is purely here for those who are interested or would like to understand why some people choose to carry and also why they aren’t the ones people and/or the government should be worried about. These are in no particular order and hopefully, help to shed some light for those of you who may or may not be considering carrying.


Q: Does Carrying make you feel safer?
A: No. In fact, it makes me much more aware of all the dangers, not just from carrying, but from things like buildings with no exits and strategies to combat these fears. So a feeling of being safer doesn’t happen, but feeling prepared would be the proper adjective.

Q: Aren’t you afraid of accidentally shooting yourself?
A: No. Just like anything else, getting the proper training and always practicing safe handling of a firearm is a must.

Q: Is it uncomfortable to carry?
A: Sometimes. Using the bathroom is especially challenging when you carry.

Q: What gun would you recommend for concealed carry?
A: This is a loaded question and I will always answer as follows. The best gun for concealed carry is gun that you can shoot proficiently and are comfortable carrying daily. It will totally depend on your personal preference.

Q: Do you think you could pull the trigger and kill someone?
A: Honestly, this is always a tough question. I would like to say Yes, that I could do anything to protect my family, but I hope the day never comes I have to find out.

Q: What caliber is best for carrying?
A: Again, this comes back down to what you are the most proficient with and the most comfortable shooting with.

Q: Aren’t you afraid of being shot by the cops?
A: No. If you obey the law and don’t put yourself in a situation where this could occur there is nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts:

These are not all the questions I have been presented with and I am sure many of you get if you do carry; these are a majority of the ones I get from people when they first find out that I carry. I hope this helps and if you enjoyed the content, please drop a like / share and make sure you check us out on our other social pages.

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